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Our services:

We offer an immediate solution to the shortage of workforce in the growth of new production, new buildings, coverage of seasonal variations, equalize the number of employees from sick leave, or solution of plans in the holiday period. We have a sufficient number of employees and this gives us the flexibility to respond to your requirements in a short time and to provide professional and non-professional professions for any job position. Our employees have gained during the work on different positions more experience, they have adopted a range of working procedures and improved their skills.

We offer you:

  • overall human resource related administration
  • activities related to recruitment, selection and recruiting a new staff
  • easier work scheduling
  • greater flexibility in ensuring individual projects
  • payments only for the necessary number of employees
  • solving of variations in your needs - growth in labor productivity

Licences and certificates

License of MLSA CR - UPCR-2011/577-1/1

License of MLSA SR - AA/2008/34091/10916/OISS

UVO/Public Procurement Office/- 2010/03-PO-B9590

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